$399.00 USD

I Must Heal

A 30-week Healing Program that empowers you to break free from pain and guides you on your healing journey

What’s Included…

  • 30 comprehensive lessons — which includes 30 videos and 40+ downloadable worksheets.

  • Proven, practical tools to understand how the addiction is working in your partner, and how to take back your power and recover with your partner.

  • Expert guidance to understand how betrayal trauma has affected you — and how to reclaim your life and heal from its damaging effects.

  • Recovery Points System — our innovative and proven system to help keep your recovery and healing a priority. 

  • Access to our digital resource library — with dozens of tools to help you heal from betrayal trauma at your fingertips.

    PLUS… A Companion Workbook to help you track your progress, reflect on your healing journey, and apply the concepts and strategies learned in the course to your own life.