Have you tried to stop before and aren’t sure why it seems to be so hard and you keep hurting the ones you love? Have your partner’s actions left you feeling betrayed and alone? Problematic sexual behaviors can be hard on a relationship — but there is real hope and true freedom ahead!

Put Your Relationship First. Rebuild Trust and Intimacy. Begin Your Path to a Stronger and a Healthier Relationship.

Explore the Couples Recovery Kit: A Comprehensive Journey Towards Healing from Problematic Sexual Behaviors and Partner Betrayal — Empowering couples on their recovery path, finding trust and safety, and creating lasting happiness.
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Are you tired of putting on a brave face — pretending that everything is okay when deep down you’re hurting, broken, and desperate for change? 

Tap Into the Power of Healing: Create a Future Filled with Trust, Intimacy, and Loving Connection

Discover I Must Heal: Healing from Your Partner’s Sex Addiction — the virtual course to support your healing journey and move towards a future where rebuilding trust, safety, and lasting joy is possible.
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Are you and your partner desperate for a way to break free from your destructive patterns and rediscover a life filled with trust, healing, and genuine connection? 

The pain and struggles you both experience may seem overwhelming. Maybe you’re living in a constant crisis without the tools to recover or overcome it.

Some of the couples we’ve spoken to have said, “Life is  a rollercoaster of emotions, from anger and sadness to confusion and despair.” Ignoring these emotional upheavals will only increase the pain and resentment building in your relationship. Others have said they, “Feel like my relationship is hanging by a thread,” and they give up. They long for a sense of stability and safety with the person they love. Maybe this describes you. 

Are you desperate to stop these destructive behaviors, especially knowing how they hurt the one you care about? Do you long for a way to find peace, rebuild trust, and create a future where your love and trust can thrive? 

Betrayed and Wounded Partners Can Heal and Learn to Trust Again

Imagine a future where the wounds of the past are healed — and the pain of betrayal no longer consumes your thoughts and drives your behavior. Where your relationship gets stronger each day and trust is restored. Where you begin to feel deeply connected to your partner again or maybe for the first time. Imagine a life where you don't have to worry constantly about what your partner might do or worry that the next crisis is just waiting around the corner.

You or Your Partner Can Put Problematic Sexual Thoughts and Behaviors in the Past – And Keep Them There.

You can have a future where you’re finally able to stop all problematic sexual behavior. Where you can look at yourself in the mirror and know that you’re a person of integrity, and are committed to and capable of keeping your promises. Visualize a future that’s marked by truly intimate connection, trust, intimacy, and a clear hope for the future where you’re no longer plagued by temptation, fear, or compulsive sexual behavior.

Hope, freedom, restoration–and peace–are possible and are waiting for you.

Rebuilding trust may seem like an impossible dream — but IT IS POSSIBLE! It takes commitment, understanding, and the right guidance to navigate this journey. We’ll provide the tools, show you the path, and provide the support necessary to make you successful.  

You have the power to heal, rebuild trust, and create a future where love can flourish once again. All you need is guidance. That is where we come in.

Do You Think It is Time to Prioritize Your Relationship?

We’ve created a roadmap designed specifically for couples like you — guiding you toward a brighter future marked by trust and restoration. With our support, direction,  and non-judgmental approach, we'll provide you with the tools and resources you need to navigate this healing journey.

Together, we'll explore effective strategies to rebuild trust, foster open communication, and nurture a deep sense of connection. We'll help you understand the underlying dynamics of addiction and its impact on your relationship — giving you valuable insights into your healing process.

Our program will empower both of you, offering practical techniques and exercises that you can apply each day. We believe in your potential to heal, grow, and create a future where your love can thrive once again. All you need is guidance – that’s found in the Couples Recovery Kit.

It's time to prioritize your relationship and invest in its well-being. 

When you commit to overcoming addiction and healing together, you…

Strengthen your bond and rebuild trust

Foster open and honest communication for a deeper connection

Cultivate empathy and understanding to support each other’s healing journey

Rediscover intimacy, joy, and fulfillment in your relationship and personal lives


The Couples Recovery Kit

— Begin Recovering from Compulsive Sexual Behaviors & Healing from Partner Betrayal

This Comprehensive Solution has been designed to provide you with the steps, tools, and guidance you need to break free from the grip of addiction, rebuild trust and intimacy, and step into the life you want to live — together. The Couples Recovery Kit includes daily, weekly, monthly, and annual exercises to help you reclaim your love and rebuild the trust and intimacy in your relationship

Let us help you on this transformative path to healing. We’ll help you work through addiction and betrayal trauma, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. You both deserve a life of happiness  — and we're here to show you that it's possible.

Get the Couples Recovery Kit now and start your journey to a future filled with trust, safety, and love!

Strengthen Your Bond, Reclaim Your Love — Get the Couples Recovery Kit for Only $649
Ready to Rebuild Trust and Put Your Relationship First? 

Invest in the Couples Recovery Kit —  The Ultimate Recovery & Healing Program that empowers couples to break free and heal

I Can Stop Program — including…

✓  30 comprehensive lessons — which includes 30 videos and 30+ downloadable worksheets.

Proven, practical tools to understand how the addiction is working in you and to successfully deal with intrusive thoughts and visual threats.

Expert guidance on how to build your successful Personal Recovery Plan.

Recovery Points System — our innovative and proven system to help track your growth, stay accountable, and achieve sustainable sobriety.

Access to our digital resource library — with dozens of tools to help you stop problematic sexual behavior at your fingertips.

I Must Heal Program — including…

30 comprehensive lessons — which includes 30 videos and 40+ downloadable worksheets.

Proven, practical tools to understand how the addiction is working in your partner, how to take back your power and recover with your partner.

Expert guidance to understand how betrayal trauma has affected you — and how to reclaim your life and heal from its damaging effects.

Recovery Points System — our innovative and proven system to help keep your recovery and healing a priority. 

Access to our digital resource library — with dozens of tools to help you heal from betrayal trauma at your fingertips.


✓ 1 digital copy of Stop Sex Addiction by Dr. Milton Magness.

✓ 1 digital copy of Real Hope, True Freedom by Dr. Milton Magness and Marsha Means.

✓ Access to our new Professional Digital Resource Library

Couples Blueprint for Daily & Weekly Exercises

✓ Elevate your recovery with 6 months of FREE access to the iRecovery System — a convenient and intuitive tool to track your progress, recovery points, and connect with your support circle right from your phone. *coming in 2024!*

University Mobile App — watch your courses anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

✓ Connect and Engage in a thriving Online Community, providing unwavering support and accountability on your path to growth. *Coming in 2024!* 

Take back control of your lives. Get everything you need to start healing and
rebuilding trust for less than the price of ONE month of therapy sessions!

Take The First Step Towards Healing — Get The Couples Recovery Kit for Only $649

Enrolling in the Couples Recovery Kit means you’re ready to…

Take proactive steps toward healing and rebuilding your relationship

Prioritize your relationship and commit to working through challenges together

Embrace vulnerability and engage in open dialogue with your partner

Cultivate intimacy and rebuild the emotional & physical connection in your relationship

Break free from the cycle of shame, guilt, and secrecy

Gain valuable tools and strategies to navigate triggers, setbacks, and relapses together

How the Couples Recovery Kit has helped addicts recover, partners heal from betrayal, and couples rebuild trust

Start Rebuilding Together

Welcome to Hope and Freedom University — let me tell you how we began…

In late 2012, a deeply discouraged couple came into my office after being told by a different therapist they should walk away and divorce because their marriage was likely irreparable. At the time, they didn't even know the term sex addiction. Candidly, it was a relatively new term for me as well. 

That led me to find Dr. Milton Magness and his practice, Hope and Freedom Counseling Services in Houston, TX. We quickly inquired about the 3-Day Intensive option with a long-term program approach. I offered to walk alongside them and support them in their journey if they were open to making a commitment to the program.

Treating this couple became a defining moment in my practice. In fact, it spawned the treatment of hundreds more in my office and the desire to devote my practice to helping couples like them. 

I go to the darkest places, find a source of hope and light, and guide them on their journey to healing and wholeness. I’ve dedicated my career to bringing restoration to couples ravaged by the effects of sexual addiction and training clinicians to do the same — so we can reach as many as possible!

As soon as I found Hope & Freedom and Milton Magness, I knew this treatment model was different and something that offered real hope and true freedom to couples whose relationships were at risk of complete devastation. 

Over the years, I have used this treatment model and have seen Hundreds of couples not just salvage their relationship — but, in many cases, have healed, restored, and developed a closeness that they weren’t sure was possible. 

You deserve hope and freedom, too — because it’ll bring healing and restoration for you. Perhaps one day, you too will be able to share it with others and experience the gift of introducing it to those in need the way I have.

Tina Wehner
President & Executive Director
Hope & Freedom Counseling Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Rekindle your love, rebuild your trust, and rediscover the joy of a thriving relationship. 

Start your transformative journey to lasting connection and happiness today with our Couples Recovery Kit.

Take The First Step Towards Healing — Get The Couples Recovery Kit for Only $649